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Photography is my hello.

It's humbling that I cannot be anything I want.  I don't get to create myself.  I accept myself as God's gift to me and accept becoming that person as one of God's tasks set before me.  As you look through my lens, you are getting to know pieces of who I am...Hello.

Image by Umit Okan
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Create a magazine? Sure, why not.

I love being a team member & co-creator of The Rural Kind Company.  Our mission is authentic connection, whether it's through our conferences, workshops or this upcoming magazine.  We celebrate where we live & dream and we are honored to be a source of encouragement & inspiration to you.  


Just call me Brook.

Side note:  Being a photographer, I don't have many photos of myself...I said this to my friend Kelly while enjoying a beer together.  She then grabbed my phone, took this photo and said, "here B, this is perfect."

As I looked at this picture of my neighbors house, I replied, "thanks lady, this makes me feel needed."

My husband and I will be living in Arnolds Park, IA. soon, with the new title "empty nesters".  Yes, I'm one of those people that will tell you life flies by.

I've been a photographer for 15 years, a Creative Journeymen and Visionary in small business and rural community projects. My photography, videography, website design, and promo materials bring life to events and businesses.   Would you like to work with me?  Send me a message, I would love to connect.

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