It seems like a long time, 50 years...

but as I watched Art and Sherry celebrate 50 years of marriage, I could tell that it felt like yesterday that they vowed forever to each other.

The super cool thing was to see the friends and family that came from this relationship...this relationship that stood the test of time. Each person was important and each person played a role in this beautiful partnership. Sherry made sure to point that out about every single person in the room.

Congratulations Art & Sherry.

I truly enjoyed photographing this moment.

Awe, you two are beautiful and fun. Gauje is the baby of my 4 kids. I love them all with great passion & I love saying goodbye to Prom days lol, we've had many, they have all been beautiful...goodbye ha.

Gauje was such a his purple Jordans, when you feel it, you feel it...ya know?

When I take photos of this band, it's so simple. I'm just watching people that like each It's pure chemistry...they were made to make music together. It's worth your time to catch their next gig.